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Fast Loan Processing

Skip the lines with less paperwork. Get faster, more accessible loans than traditional banks in 7 days or less.


Secure the funding you need without the hassle of complex collateral requirements. Focus on growing your business, not gathering paperwork.


Choose a loan solution that fits your unique business model. Get access to revolving capital for seasonal fluctuations and unexpected expenses.

Expert Support

Get personalized consultations from our seasoned business consultants. Gain the clarity and confidence you need to make informed decisions about financing.

No more borrowing hassle: Get Approved Quickly and Easily


You share your business information and funding needs. This initial step helps us understand your goals and tailor a potential financing solution.


We thoroughly review your application and supporting documents. This careful process ensures responsible lending and helps us design the best possible loan offer for you.


We may visit your business location to verify information and gain insights into your operations. This helps us personalize your loan and understand your business's unique needs.


If your loan is approved, we'll present you with the final terms and conditions. This allows you to make an informed decision and feel confident about  moving forward.


Upon your agreement, we disburse the funds quickly and efficiently.  This puts the capital you need directly into your hands, ready for your growth plans.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have further questions kindly contact us at [email protected] or +639176295541.

    Which locations do you currently accept applications from?

    Where is the head office of ABU-EMP? Do you have branches in the provinces?

    What kind of applicant profiles do you restrict from applying for a business loan?

    Do you accept applicants who are 60 years old and above?

    I have a registered business and a passbook savings account, but I do not have a checking account. Am I qualified to apply?

    Do you check CMAP, NFIS, and other similar credit bureau to approve applicants?

    How much is the minimum and maximum loan amount that I can avail?

    What is your interest rate? Is it negotiable?

    What are the types of business that you accept?

    While I don't have a checking account, I am using the checking account of my family for business purposes. Is it acceptable as proof of my bank transactions?

    What kind of IDs are accepted?

    What is the allowed loan term?

    Are there any details I need to provide about the coverage of the bank statement/s I will submit? Is it only for checking accounts, or do I need to submit all the bank statements of all my bank accounts?

    We are a corporation. Who should be the borrowers of the corporation?

    How do you release the loan proceeds of an approved loan?

    What if my checking account is an Auto-Transfer Account?

    Do you accept foreign-owned businesses?

    How soon does a loan proceed to be credited to my bank account?

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