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News and Events
April 9, 2024

CITADINES BAY CITY, MANILA- during its recent sales kickoff, ABU-EMP honored its business consultants last February 23. The event, aptly titled “Limitless,” brought together business consultants, employees, and stakeholders to celebrate ABU-EMP’s success.

Embracing the ‘Limitless’ mindset

The theme conference, “Limitless,” echoed ABU-EMP’s journey—not limited by boundaries but fueled by endless possibilities. It underscored the company’s belief in the vast opportunities for wealth and success when individuals collaborate and work toward common goals.

As one of the trusted partners in the Philippines for non-collateral business loans, ABU-EMP has always advocated empowering individuals to reach their full potential. This sales kickoff served as a testament to this commitment, emphasizing the crucial role that business consultants play in driving business growth and success.

Business Consultants: Partners to success

To empower one another and not stop when they hit roadblocks in their career, selected business consultants were invited to go on stage to share their “Limitless” journey.

As a result, other consultants were left with a deeper understanding of success, effective sales techniques, and the importance of a collaborative team effort to reach success faster.

Upgrade Your Technology, Upgrade Your Success

This year, the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a game-changer, reshaping the way businesses operate.

Staying competitive and relevant requires more than a wish – it demands a strategic move. For businesses looking to integrate AI into their operations or simply keep up with the latest technology, a collateral-free loan provides the necessary financial backing to implement these cutting-edge technologies without the burden of collateral constraints.

Honoring great contributions

The conference featured other keynote speakers who shared invaluable insights, mindset shifts, and strategies for achieving record-breaking sales results.

Meryl Ting, CEO and president of ABU-EMP, took the stage to commend the business loan agents for their outstanding contributions. She expressed deep pride in the team’s accomplishments and affirmed that the company would support them in their endeavors in the future.

"How about breaking records? How about setting new records for this company? Your win is our win. And there’s nothing we want more than for you to succeed,"
the CEO told business consultants seated in the audience.

A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Ms. Meryl was joined by ABU-EMP founder, Ericka Peña, whose vision and leadership have helped the company to grow over the years.

Ms. Ericka emphasized the importance of unity, collaboration, and setting ambitious yet achievable goals in her message to the audience.

"We’re looking forward, kagaya po ng sinabi ng ating President— na mas mataas na disburments (of loans) for this year. Tulong tulong po tayo."

Empowering Success through Non-Collateral Business Loans


With the expertise of dedicated business consultants, applying for non-collateral business loans is now easier than ever. Business Consultants are trained to give the best advice and guidance to applicants; ensuring a streamlined and efficient application process tailored to each entrepreneur’s unique circumstances.

The “Limitless” Sales Kickoff not only celebrated past achievements but also served as a springboard towards future growth and collaboration. It reinforced ABU-EMP’s dedication to fostering a culture of empowerment, innovation, and collective success, not only for its consultants but also for its clients.

If you’re interested to know more about our non-collateral business loans, you may apply through our website, visit us at our Makati headquarters, or call us at 0917-629-5541.


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